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FSS 250

Multi lane sachet machine

General Information :-

Vertical form fill and seal machine for producing 4side seal sachet with number of lanes up to 8 lanes. Fss-250 machine using a single reel film of max – width of 500 mm.

Pack Size :-

Width from 25 mm for 8 lanes up to  240 mm for 1 lane
Length up to 200 mm

Filling System :-

Multi lane auger filler up to 4 lanes
Volumetric cup system
Dosing pump up to 8 lanes

Machine Speed :-

Min/up to 60 cycle

Product Rang :-

Powders (free and non free flowing)
Liquids (from thin to highly viscous product)
Out put

Output :-

Up to 60 packs/min
Depending on product properties,size and packaging material

Machine Dimensions :-

Length : 1300mm
Width  : 1100mm
Height : 2800mm

Standard Features :-

PLC control with H. M. I(human – machine – interface)
Control AC  Inverter drive for main motor speed
p.e.c for printed film
PID temperature controls
Motorized film alignment
Over load protection

Electrical & Air :-

3 phase-380 v,50 Hz,6 kw
Air: 180L/min

Options :-

Take off conveyor, tear notch,cut device,impose coding,perforation,gas flushing and feed product elevator system